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2008AP002587 2011 WI App 2 Dustardy H. v. Bethany H.

2009AP000739 2011 WI App 2 Dustardy H. v. Bethany H.

2009AP000898 CR 2011 WI App 3 State v. Mark D. Jensen

2009AP002260 2011 WI App 4 U.S. Oil Co., Inc. v. City of Milwaukee

2009AP002549 2011 WI App 5 Robert Johnson v. Cintas Corporation

2009AP002690 CR 2011 WI App 6 State v. Miguel A. Ayala

2009AP002775 2011 WI App 7 Great Lakes Quick Lube, LP v. City of Milwaukee

2009AP002891 2011 WI App 8 Champion Companies of Wisconsin, Inc. v. Stafford Development, LLC

2009AP003029 2011 WI App 9 Crown Castle USA, Inc. v. Orion Logistics, LLC

2010AP000070 2011 WI App 10 Linda Acevedo v. City of Kenosha

2010AP000276 2011 WI App 11 Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group, S.C. v. Great Lakes Dart Manufacturing, Inc.

2010AP000355 2011 WI App 12 Heritage Farms, Inc. v. Markel Insurance Company

2010AP000363 2011 WI App 13 Stephen R. v. Ilana C.

2010AP000535 2011 WI App 14 Milwaukee District Council 48, AFSCME v. Milwaukee County

2010AP000599 CR 2011 WI App 15 State v. Tracy Smiter

2010AP000663 2011 WI App 16 Trevor Olson v. Barron Mutual Insurance Company

2010AP000895 CR 2011 WI App 17 State v. Kathleen A. Ultsch

2010AP000905 CR 2011 WI App 18 State v. Mark Allan Campbell

Before Brown, Chm., Curley, Reilly, Hoover, and Lundsten, JJ., Publication Committee.

The court having filed its opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals and the court having concluded pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 809.23 that the opinions should be published,

IT IS ORDERED that the opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals be published in the official reports.

Dated: 01-31-2011

By the Court






A. John Voelker

Acting Clerk of Court of Appeals