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A. John Voelker Acting Clerk




2009AP001874 AC 2011 WI App 45 Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Inc. v. City of Milwaukee

2009AP001953 2011 WI App 46 Timothy J. Dixon v. Hnilicka Company, Inc.

2009AP002752 2011 WI App 47 Michelle B. Wadzinski v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company

2010AP000316 2011 WI App 48 James L. Milton v. Washburn County

2010AP000582 2011 WI App 49 Washington County v. WERC

2010AP000857 2011 WI App 50 Eric Roberson v. Milwaukee County

2010AP000883 2011 WI App 51 City of Kenosha v. LIRC

2010AP000909 CR 2011 WI App 52 State v. Winston B. Eison

2010AP001303 CR 2011 WI App 53 State v. James M. Drown

2010AP001359 2011 WI App 54 Wachovia Mortgage FSB v. Nora Dallas

2010AP001501 2011 WI App 55 Town of Somerset v. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

2010AP001992 2011 WI App 56 Gene Anderson v. Duane Hebert

2010AP002073 2011 WI App 57 Mary Faydash v. City of Sheboygan

Before Brown, Chm., Curley, Reilly, Peterson, and Lundsten, JJ., Publication Committee.

The court having filed its opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals and the court having concluded pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 809.23 that the opinions should be published,

IT IS ORDERED that the opinion in each of the above-entitled appeals be published in the official reports.

Dated: 04-20-2011

By the Court






A. John Voelker

Acting Clerk of Court of Appeals