Court of Appeals

Expedited appeals procedures

Wis. Stat. § (Rule) 809.17 provides the authority for the Court of Appeals to develop an expedited appeals program. The Docketing Statement is the tool by which the Court and the parties determine if the resolution of an appeal can be shortened.

All appeals in the Court of Appeals shall be eligible for the expedited appeals program except for the following: (1) appeals brought under s. 809.105; (2) appeals brought under s. 809.107; (3) no merit appeals brought under s. 809.32; (4) appeals brought under s. 974.06(7); (5) appeals in which a party represents himself or herself; and (6) appeals brought under s. 809.30 or 809.40(1) except for cases arising under chs. 48, 51, 55, or 938. A Docketing Statement must be filed in all eligible cases.

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