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District Committees

District Committee 13 membership

(Dodge, Ozaukee, Washington counties)

Members can serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. Six attorney and four public members.

Name Term ending date
* denotes second term
** denotes third term
Attorney John A. Best
West Bend
December 2015*
Mr. Robert W. Blazich
December 2015*
Mr. Mark L. Born
Beaver Dam
December 2014*
Attorney Joseph G. Doherty
Doherty Law Offices, SC
West Bend
Chair,December 2016**
Attorney Michael P. Herbrand
Houseman & Feind, LLP
December 2016*
Attorney Christine Eisenmann Knudston
West Bend
December 2015*
Ms. Ramona V. Larson
December 2016*
Ms. Bonnie L. Schwid
December 2014**
Attorney Daniel L. Vande Zande
Vande Zande Law Offices, SC
December 2015**
Attorney Annamarie A. Wineke
Wineke Law Office
December 2015

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