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Commission on Judicial Elections and Ethics

The Commission on Judicial Elections and Ethics was created by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin on March 7, 1997. The Honorable Thomas E. Fairchild of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit was appointed chairperson of the Commission and Professor Charles D. Clausen of Marquette University Law School was appointed as Reporter. The members of the Commission, in addition to the Chair and Reporter, are:

The Commission was assigned to review the provisions of the Code of Judicial Conduct PDF addressing political and campaign activity of judges and candidates for judicial office, determine the extent to which those provisions adequately address issues relevant to the Wisconsin elective system in selecting members of its non-partisan judiciary, and recommend provisions for inclusion in the Code of Judicial Conduct that would better address the issues to which the current Code's provisions are directed and to address relevant issues the current Code does not address.

The following documents are in Adobe PDF format PDF.

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