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What's Happening in Court? is intended for children who are in court for any reason-whether they are witnesses, visitors to the courthouse, or involved in a case. It aims to introduce children to the court processes in which they are or could be involved, the people who work in the judicial system, and the vocabulary that surrounds judicial proceedings. It is meant to be used as a teaching tool that may foster conversations between children and adults about the court system, and as a game site that gives children who are in court something to do while they wait. This site is not intended to give or substitute for legal advice.

Children of all ages can enjoy this site. Depending on their age, ability, and interest, they may look at and color the pictures, read the text, play the games, or do the activities.

We hope Wisconsin's children will find this site interesting and fun.


What's Happening in Court? was written in 1999 by the Center for Families, Children and the Courts and produced by the dedicated staff of the Administrative Office of the Courts. The site was illustrated by San Francisco artists Andrew DeWitt and Robert Gutierrez; the interactive Web version was created by Ilen Zazueta-Hall. The project was made possible by the generous support of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. we appreciate the California Court System giving us permission to adapt the California site for Wisconsin.

This website was adapted from the Wisconsin What's Happening in Court? booklet that was tailored for the Wisconsin courts by Judge Daniel T. Dillon, Rock County Circuit Court; Judge Benjamin D. Proctor, Eau Claire County Circuit Court; Judge Stuart A. Schwartz, Dan County Circuit Court; Brita Rekve, Eau Claire County Department of Human Services; and the Assistant Corporation Counsel Timothy J. Sullivan, Eau Claire County. The booklet was reviewed and test by students and teachers at St. John Vianney School in Janesville, Wisconsin (Judi Dillon, principal). New graphics and layout provided by Susan Kummer and Jim Good of Madison.

Special requirements

This interactive activity site allows you to complete a number of games about the court system online. It is optimized for Javascript 3.2-compatible browsers. You will need to enable Javascript for full interactivity.

You can also download a full copy of the activity book that you can print out.


Do you want to tell us what you think about this site? Although we can't answer your questions, we would like to hear your comments. You can email us at tom.sheehan@wicourts.gov.

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