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Milwaukee court begins scanning project

The Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court Office is embarking on a massive project scanning more than 7 million records contained in 350,000 court files. The project will include scanning of small claims, civil and family case types. John Barrett, Milwaukee County clerk of circuit court, submitted a proposal under Supreme Court Rule 72 and received the approval of the Director of State Courts Office to scan files into the county record keeping system called OnBase. The Milwaukee County Board included the funding for the project in the 2013 budget.

The scanning project is an archival project. The office of the clerk of circuit court continues to update its records by scanning current documents into the CCAP system. This first phase should be completed by mid-summer.

The project will reduce costs for storage and retrieval of files. It will also help make room for the expansion of the Milwaukee Justice Center. The Justice Center serves self-represented litigants navigating the courts in Milwaukee. It is a private-public partnership among Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Bar Association and Marquette University Law School. Last year it served almost 11,000 individuals.

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