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Release date Docket number Caption District County Select/view
Apr 26, 2018 2018AP000249 Adams County HHSD v. M. J. A. 4 Adams PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2017AP002429 Portage County v. J. W. K. 4 Portage PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2017AP002185 State v. Harlan L. Schultz 4 Waupaca PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2017AP001757 Village of Shorewood Hills v. Sivachandran Swaminathan 4 Dane PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2017AP001457 State v. Kody J. Congdon 2/4 Waukesha PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2017AP001423 Demetrius Foster v. Parker Community Credit Union 4 Rock PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2017AP000874-CR State v. Branden L. Richter 3/4 Marathon PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2017AP000873-CR State v. Branden L. Richter 3/4 Marathon PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2016AP001837 Rural Mutual Insurance Company v. Lester Buildings, LLC 4 Dane PDF 
Apr 26, 2018 2016AP000408-CR State v. Mark A. Below 4 Marquette PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2017AP001348-CR State v. Raphael D. Turner, Jr. 1/3 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2017AP000952 State v. Matthew Tyler 1/2 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2017AP000729-CR State v. Wayne A. Johnson 3 Barron PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2017AP000684-AC Errata: Town of Lincoln v. City of Whitehall 3 Trempealeau PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2017AP000468 Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, LLC v. Nebraska Cultures of California, Inc. 2 Ozaukee PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2017AP000392-CR State v. Dontrell L. Powell 2 Kenosha PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2017AP000173-CR State v. Robert P. Vesper
[Final publication on 2018-06-11]
2 Waukesha PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2016AP002481 Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB v. Randy L. Hiltner 3 Polk PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2016AP002334 Leicht Transfer & Storage Company v. Pallet Central Enterprises, Inc. 3 Brown PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2016AP002291 Essa Shoukry Yacoub v. Mary Elena Yacoub 3 St. Croix PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2016AP002118 Lagoon Lane, LLC v. Paul Rice 2 Washington PDF 
Apr 25, 2018 2014AP002050 Johnson Controls, Inc. v. Central National Insurance Company of Omaha 1/3 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 24, 2018 2017AP002015 James Morton v. Charles E. Ferguson 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 24, 2018 2017AP001362-CR State v. Deshandre Darnell Brister 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 24, 2018 2017AP001242-CR State v. Teel Tyre Hargraves 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 24, 2018 2017AP000791 Media Placement Services, Inc. v. Wisconsin DOT
[Final publication on 2018-06-11]
1 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 24, 2018 2017AP000782 Gerald Tucker v. Brian Hayes 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 24, 2018 2016AP001372 State v. Danyall Lorenzo Simpson 1 Milwaukee PDF 
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