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Protection of information (redaction, confidentiality, sealing)

Confidential records

Wisconsin Statute § 801.20 provides a procedure for filing information and documents that are made confidential by statute or case law. To protect other court records not listed here, you must file a motion to seal. Download a printable PDF Adobe PDF of the information featured on this page here.

Documents and case classifications that are treated as confidential by default

There are some commonly-filed forms that court staff will recognize and will treat as confidential. You do not need to submit form GF-244 for:

Some statutes require that an entire classification of cases be kept confidential. These statutes have provisions allowing disclosure to the parties, their attorneys, and others. You do not need to submit form GF-244 for the following records:

Documents that should be brought to the attention of the clerk if confidentiality is necessary

It is the responsibility of the filing party to bring certain confidential documents to the clerk's attention, using form GF-244:

Filing parties must also identify certain cases as confidential:

Parties should be careful not to include confidential records as attachments or exhibits; they should be submitted separately by attaching them to the form.

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