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Date Docket number Caption Audio
May 15, 2019 2019AP000559 League of Women Voters of Wisconsin v. Tony Evers Playback
Apr 10, 2019 2017AP002278-OA Kristi Koschkee v. Carolyn Stanford Taylor Playback
Apr 10, 2019 2017AP000741-CR State v. Javien Cajujuan Pegeese Playback
Apr 10, 2019 2016AP001276-CR State v. Nelson Garcia, Jr. Playback
Mar 27, 2019 2017AP000013 Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. v. Dane County Playback
Mar 27, 2019 2016AP002503 Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. v. Dane County Playback
Mar 26, 2019 2018AP000656 L. G. v. Aurora Residential Alternatives, Inc. Playback
Mar 26, 2019 2017AP001206-CR State v. Emmanuel Earl Trammell Playback
Mar 20, 2019 2018AP001296-CR State v. Raytrell K. Fitzgerald Playback
Mar 20, 2019 2018AP001214-W Raytrell K. Fitzgerald v. Circuit Court for Milwaukee Co. Playback
Mar 20, 2019 2016AP001837 Rural Mutual Insurance Company v. Lester Buildings, LLC Playback
Mar 19, 2019 2017AP001518-CR State v. Jessica M. Randall Playback
Mar 19, 2019 2017AP001269 John Teske v. Wilson Mutual Insurance Company Playback
Mar 19, 2019 2016AP000493 Ann Cattau v. National Insurance Services of Wisconsin, Inc. Playback
Feb 21, 2019 2017AP000141-CR State v. Dennis L. Schwind Playback
Feb 21, 2019 2016AP002296 Maple Grove Country Club Inc. v. Maple Grove Estates Sanitary District Playback
Feb 21, 2019 2014AP002528-D Office of Lawyer Regulation v. Kathleen Anna Wagner Playback
Feb 14, 2019 2017AP002021 Town of Rib Mountain v. Marathon County Playback
Feb 14, 2019 2017AP000344 Yasmeen Daniel v. Armslist, LLC et al. Playback
Feb 14, 2019 2014AP002244-D Office of Lawyer Regulation v. James Edward Hammis Playback
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