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Committees and boards

Supreme Court Appointment Selection Committee

Appointed by the Supreme Court, this committee assists the Court in finding dedicated people of the highest integrity and commitment to serve on the various boards and committees to which the Court makes appointments. The committee forwards names for the Court's consideration, and the Court makes appointments as vacancies arise.

Current membership

Members are limited to one three-year term.

Name Term ending date Type
Attorney Thomas M. Boykoff
April 2016 As a former member of BBE, BAPR or BAO
Attorney John P. Casey
Casey Law Offices SC
April 2015 As chair of the General Practice Section
Ms. Kym Husom
April 2017 As designee of the Senate Co-Chair of the Legislative Council Committee
Attorney Charles M. Kernats
April 2015 As president of Government Lawyers Division
Attorney Aaron Bruce Marcoux
April 2017 As president of a Western District County Bar
Attorney Anthony J. Menting
Stafford Rosenbaum LLP
April 2016 As chair of Family Law Section
Attorney Natalie R. Remington
Quarles & Brady LLP
Menomonee Falls
April 2014 As designee of Joseph Kearney, Dean, Marquette University Law School
Attorney Brian A. Schuk
April 2016 As president of an Eastern District Bar Association
Ms. Gail B. Shea
April 2015 As nonlawyer designee of chair of the Government Accountability Board
Attorney Natasha L. Torry-Morgan
Morgan & Torry-Morgan Ltd
April 2017 As chair of a District Committee
Hon. Amanda WhiteEagle
Ho-Chunk Nation Trial Court
Black River
April 2015 As designee of UW Law School Dean Ken Davis
Vacant   As designee of Rep. Schneider, Assembly Co-Chair of the Legislative Council Committee

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