Pretrial Program

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The goal of pretrial programming is to develop and implement policies and operational procedures that:

  • Follow legal and evidence-based practices;
  • Promote public safety;
  • Maximize court appearance rates; and
  • Maximize the use of pretrial release.

Below are state and national resources for counties interested in learning more about the research supporting pretrial programming, including the use of an actuarial pretrial risk assessment tool, such as the Public Safety Assessment (PSA). A list of counties with pretrial programming is also included below.

Pretrial Pilot Program

The Pretrial Pilot Program was created by the Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) subcommittee of the Wisconsin Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC). There are seven counties participating in the pilot. The Pretrial Pilot Program is focused on transitioning to a risk-informed system that promotes public safety while reducing reliance on cash bond and pretrial detention.

Pretrial Pilot Program Site Coordinators and the Pretrial Program Manager are developing resources to assist Wisconsin counties with implementation of the PSA, including a pretrial program operational guide and a guide to support program data collection and program evaluation. These resources will be added to this page when they have been approved by the state CJCC later this year.

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