The Supreme Court is composed of seven justices, elected to 10-year terms in statewide, non-partisan April elections. Vacancies are filled by gubernatorial appointment and the appointee is required to stand for election to a full 10-year term during the next spring election that another justice isn't already on the ballot. The Wisconsin Constitution limits justices to running one at a time.

Former justices

Biographies and photos are available for former justices.

Portraits of Justice: The Wisconsin Supreme Court's First 150 Years

cover of 'Portaits of Justice' publicationPortraits of Justice tells the stories of the 77 justices who have served on the Wisconsin Supreme Court from statehood through 2002. Portraits of the deceased justices hang in the Supreme Court chambers in the state Capitol. Photographs of these portraits, along with photographs of the current and retired justices, accompany the biographies in this new book. First published in 1998, Portraits of Justice was updated and reprinted in 2003 in honor of the Supreme Court's 150th anniversary as a separate court. The book is available online and in the libraries of Wisconsin's public high schools and colleges/universities. It may be purchased for $10.95 at the Wisconsin Historical Museum Store (external link) or by calling (800) 621-2736.

"Portraits of Justice: The Wisconsin Supreme Court's First 150 Years" (second edition printable PDF)