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Wisconsin eFiling Updates

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Circuit Court eFiling Update – Electronic Exhibits

The exhibit feature on the circuit court electronic filing system has been updated.Read More

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Filing electronic exhibits in Wisconsin circuit courts: All you need to know about upcoming enhancements

An update slated for rollout on December 16, 2022 will deliver a more formal process for filing electronic exhibits.Read More


Mandatory eFiling begins July 1 in the Court of Appeals

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has unanimously approved a petition to begin a comprehensive system of electronic filing for the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.Read More

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Electronic filing begins in the Court of Appeals

On Monday, August 3, a voluntary eFiling pilot program will begin in Wisconsin Court of Appeals District III, which serves the northern half of Wisconsin. Attorneys who want to try out appellate eFiling can use their existing eCourts accounts to file new cases or opt in to pending cases to file new documents.Read More

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Here we go

If the holiday hustle doesn't leave you feeling a bit burned out, one may wonder if you're a few threads shy of an ugly sweater. Amidst the flurry of labyrinth-like checkout lines, record low temperatures, and blinking lights that more blink than light, take a moment to join us for a quick update on eFiling in Wisconsin.Read More

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News you'll find appealing

The Appellate Court eFiling website is receiving a facelift! The site is modernized with a new look and feel, similar to that of the Wisconsin Circuit Court eFiling site. The new site has also been created to enable the pilot project for eFiling in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. For more information on the pilot project and interim rule, click here.Read More

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We code and know things

Oh, hey! It's been a while since our last update. Winter's not coming, but this lackluster leap from spring to summer got us lookin' like Bran Stark in Game of Thrones season 8. Despite the wavering weather, eFiling is on the rise. With just a few case types left to implement, the mandatory roll out for circuit court eFiling is almost complete and plans to provide additional electronic filing avenues are also solidifying. So, take a break from those Reddit GOT prequel threads and get the inside scoop on eFiling in Wisconsin Courts.Read More

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Fe-burrrr-ary news of note

What did the hat say to the scarf? You hang around while I go on a head. Bad jokes aside, the last few weeks of Wisconsin weather have proven that, in terms of layers, less is not more and more is not enough. Amidst the burden of bundling up, some pretty significant changes have been transpiring in the world of eFiling and we're not leaving you out in the cold. Read on for important eFiling information, including details about the upcoming mandatory rollout date.Read More

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2018 eFiling—A look back

No matter where or how you celebrate, we would like to wish you the happiest of holidays. It has been a monumental year for eFiling in Wisconsin circuit courts with several significant software releases and case type implementations occurring. Early this spring, guardianship, mental commitment, and judgment and lien case types debuted as voluntary, and by September 1, had rolled to mandatory. On March 1, formal and informal probate cases also became mandatory. By late June, several counties were piloting eFiling of adoption, juvenile adoption, juvenile guardianship, and juvenile mental commitment cases. Soon after, many counties also began offering juvenile CHIPS, juvenile ordinance violation, juvenile delinquency, and termination of parental rights cases along with commitment of an inmate, complex forfeiture, and John Doe cases.Read More

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Oh my gourd! Pumpkin spice everything!

There's a chill in the air, color in the trees, and a surplus of pumpkin spice to ease us from summer to fall. As you stock up on fun-size treats (that may or may not live to see Halloween) and mull over office-appropriate costume options, take a beat to read up on what's happening with eFiling.Read More

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Knock, knock . . . housekeeping

Two friendly reminders: 1) September 1st marks the transition of guardianship, mental commitment, and judgment and lien case types from voluntary to mandatory eFiling. All Wisconsin counties currently offer these case types on a voluntary basis. More on the progress of eFiling in Wisconsin is featured below; and 2) Also starting September 1st, placement of court official signature blocks will shift from the end of court documents to the top of the first page. This change only affects documents requiring the signature of a court official.Read More

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We're movin' on up, movin' on up...

That's the plan for court official signatures. Big changes are in the works to shift placement of the court official signature block from the end of court documents to the top of the first page. We'll unpack when to expect the update, how the new model will work, and the reasoning behind the move, as well as provide a rundown of what else is new and different with eFiling.Read More

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Need an icebreaker?

Who doesn't after last winter—figuratively and literally, amiright?! Well, unlike the sluggish shift of seasons, the eFiling system is rapidly evolving with new case types and features to keep your water cooler convo interesting. Here's a peek at what's in store for tonight's software release and a heads up on other eFiling news of note.Read More

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March madness . . . or late winter angst

Maybe a little bit of both. While this is surely an exciting time for basketball fanatics, most of us are ready to say "gah-bye" to what's left of winter. Well, if couch-potato-point-guarding isn't enough to lift your spirits, perhaps the next eFile update will put a little pep in your step. Read on to learn about changes en route to the eFiling website and find out about additions to both the voluntary and mandatory eFiling lineup.Read More

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License to chill

Coping with climates Jon Snow would retreat from can be a total drag. We shovel, we salt, we pile on layers that make us feel more fluffy than fashionable, and at the end of the day, there's little time left to enjoy the season. Fortunately, the upcoming eFiling system update offers a slight reprieve. With enhanced features and additional voluntary cases types, you can maximize time spent in the office and take back those minutes lost to winter chores. Read on to learn more.Read More

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Thank you

Due in large part to widespread acceptance and adoption of electronic filing by attorneys and members of the legal community, we are well ahead of the original implementation schedule. By October 16th, over two months prior to the projected date of December 31st, all 72 Wisconsin counties had officially rolled out mandatory eFiling for civil, small claims, family, paternity, criminal, traffic, and ordinance cases. We would like to extend our sincere thanks for the patience and flexibility you have exhibited as you adapted to this new way of working with the courts.Read More

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Turning over a new leaf

The seasons, they are a changin' and as autumn begins to adorn our surroundings with the vibrance of fall, we've been applying the final brush strokes to an update that will "leave" you excited about eFiling. The upcoming release includes several interface enhancements that both streamline processes and increase flexibility. We also have news to share about additions to the mandatory case type line-up and the introduction of more voluntary case types. Read on to learn more about all of this and find out what else is happening in the eFiling universe.Read More

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Walking on sunshine!

Summer's just around the corner and although Wisconsin's fickle forecast is finally on our side, we couldn't let Mother Nature have all the glory. We're about to release a system update that's sure to brighten your day. We've incorporated a slew of new document types and enhanced a number of features to better serve our growing user base. Read on to learn more and get the skinny on what this release has in store for you.Read More

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Mandatory eFiling in Wisconsin began almost one year ago to date, initiating a digital approach to filing and changing the way people conduct business with Wisconsin circuit courts. Processes that once chewed up hours and even days, can be managed in a matter of minutes, involving less paper, postage, and hassle than ever before. With an already abundant list of features, the eFiling System continues to evolve with additional tools to meet your filing needs. Read on to learn about some of the enhancements applied in the most recent release and get an update on all things eFiling.Read More

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Broadening our reach

We are nearing the halfway point of the mandatory eFiling roll out and continue to steadily bring more counties on board. Currently, 60 percent of Wisconsin counties have implemented mandatory eFiling, while another 33 percent offer voluntary eFiling. We've also increased the number of mandatory eFiling case types from four to nine with plans to add more as time allows. A lot has happened since the roll out began and there is much more to come. Take a look at some of the most recent eFiling developments.Read More

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File Prep is here!

We're excited to announce the addition of File Prep to the eFiling system. This new feature provides paralegals, legal secretaries, and local government staff the ability to prepare eFilings using eCourts accounts geared specifically to their needs rather than by logging in via accounts associated with their attorneys. These new eCourts accounts can be leveraged to assist one or more attorneys and allow staff to prepare new case filings and additional documents on existing cases.Read More

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There's snow time like now to eFile

The prospect of wintry Wisconsin weather gives pause to even the most seasoned of northwoods residents. Leverage the eFiling system to eliminate that slippery courthouse commute and enjoy the snow from the comfort of your office. And with the mandatory implementation in full swing, there's never been a better time to give eFiling a try. Check out some of the most recent system enhancements and see when mandatory eFiling will be rolled out near you.Read More

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Wisconsin eFiling Update

Reduced restrictions for documents requiring the signature of a court official. Proposed orders rarely edited by court officials may now be submitted as PDFs. Examples of filings containing such orders include stipulations and orders, motions and orders appointing counsel, motions and orders for dismissal, and bench warrants. With this enhancement, a motion and order may be uploaded as a single PDF rather than two documents of different formats. PDF documents that require a court official signature must include a standard signature block, while proposed orders submitted in Word format should omit the court official signature block.Read More