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Appealing a municipal or circuit court decision

Appealing a circuit court decision

This site provides information on how to file an appeal, file a petition for review and sets forth the procedure for an expedited appeal. Wisconsin Statutes Chapters 808 and 809 set forth appellate procedure and timelines (external links).

The Wisconsin State Law Library provides additional resources on appellate procedure. (external link)

Appealing a municipal court decision

You will need to file an appeal with the municipal court. Within 20 days after the judgment you must file the appeal and pay required appeal fees and costs. See Wisconsin Statute 800.14 (external link). You can request that the circuit court take your appeal in one of three ways.

  1. You can request that the circuit court review the transcript of the municipal court trial and make a decision based on that review.
  2. You can request a trial before the circuit court judge.
  3. You can request a trial by jury in circuit court.

Contact the municipal court clerk to determine if a bond must be filed before filing an appeal. The municipal court clerk may be able to provide a notice of appeal form.

Municipal court forms may be available on a municipal court's website. Check the Municipal Court Directory for contact information.

Additional resources

  • Appellate court fees and filing information
  • Appellate Help Desk. The Wisconsin State Bar's Appellate Help Desk offers guidance for individuals involved in civil appeals. Volunteers are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays to explain rules and provide helpful information. Please note that they cannot be of assistance with criminal appeals. To learn more about the Help Desk, review the information sheet for pro se litigants (external link).