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Circuit court eFiling

Electronic filing in Wisconsin courts

Implementation timeline

electronic fileseFiling in Wisconsin circuit courts has been phased in on a county-by-county basis. The timeline below illustrates when each mandatory implementation occured since the eFiling rule was passed in 2016, and what case types were included in the implementation. At present, attorneys and high-volume filing agents with cases in Wisconsin counties are required to eFile the case types listed within the table.

eFiling continues to be voluntary for self-represented litigants. See Wis. Stat. ยง 801.18 for additional details about mandatory eFiling.

March 2017

  • Civil (CV)
  • Family (FA)
  • Paternity (PA)
  • Small Claims (SC)
  • Criminal Forfeiture (CF)
  • Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)
  • Criminal Traffic (CT)
  • Ordinance (FO)
  • Traffic (TR)

July 2018

  • Formal Probate (PR)
  • Informal Probate (IN)

September 2018

  • Construction Lien (CL)
  • Condominium Lien (CO)
  • Guardianship (GN)
  • Foreign Judgment (FJ)
  • Hospital Lien (HL)
  • Mental Commitment (ME)
  • Other Lien (OL)
  • Transcript of Judgment (TJ)

March 2019

  • Adoption (AD)
  • Commitment of an Inmate (CI)
  • Complex Forfeiture (CX)
  • John Doe (JD)
  • Juvenile Adoption (JA)
  • Juvenile CHIPS (JC)
  • Juvenile Civil Commitment (JM)
  • Juvenile Civil Law and Ordinance Violations (JO)
  • Juvenile Delinquency (JV)
  • Juvenile Guardianship (JG)
  • Termination of Parental Rights (TP)

December 2019

  • Juvenile judgments (JJ)
  • Juvenile injunctions (JI)
  • Temporary restraining orders (TRO)
  • Temporary physical custody requests
  • Juvenile CHIPS 68998-Waiver of Parental Consent (Jane Doe)