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01/17/19 Wisconsin Supreme Court accepts three new cases
The Wisconsin Supreme Court has voted to accept three new cases, and the Court acted to deny review in a number of other cases. The case numbers, counties of origin, and issues presented in granted cases are listed here. Read more.
01/10/19 Wisconsin Supreme Court agenda - Jan. 17, 2019
The Wisconsin Supreme Court's January 17, 2019 public rules hearing agenda is now available. A hearing notice for Rule Petition 18-04 can be found here. A copy of the petition with additional information and comments can be found here. Information about the Supreme Court's rule-making process is also available. Read more.
01/07/19 Wisconsin Supreme Court oral argument - January 2019
The Wisconsin Supreme Court's January 2019 oral argument calendar and synopses of the cases to be heard can be found here. The synopses provided are not complete analyses of the issues. More information about any particular case before the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals can be found on the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Access website. Previously released opinions issued by the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals can be found here. Read more.