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The Wisconsin Court System, or judicial branch, is one of three branches of state government. The judicial branch interprets the laws and settles disagreements. The legislative branch (external link) makes the laws and the executive branch (external link) enforces the laws.

"The People vs. Grandma Ruffman"

Ruff Ruffman - Season 3, Episode 17 (external link)
In this episode of the PBS Kids show, students examine the evidence, develop their cases and present their arguments to the jury with the help of a prosecutor and defense attorney. Target audience is ages six to ten, but this take off on the TV game show genre is fun for everyone.

Activity book - "What's Happening in Court?"

One day you may go to a courthouse as a witness, juror, visitor, or for some other reason. The activities in "What's Happening in Court?" explain what happens in court, who works there, and what the rules are. Learning about the courts is an important way to prepare yourself to be a responsible citizen.

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