Chief Justice Patience Drake Roggensack

Chief Justice Patience Drake RoggensackChief Justice Patience Drake Roggensack was elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2003 and re-elected in 2013. On May 1, 2015, she became the first justice chosen by members of the Court to serve as chief justice. She was re-elected to serve as chief justice May 1, 2017 and May 1, 2019. Chief Justice Roggensack was the first Court of Appeals judge to have been elected to the Supreme Court.

Born in Joliet, Ill., Chief Justice Roggensack received a bachelor's degree in biology from Drake University. She worked as a research associate at several universities prior to entering the UW Law School, where she graduated with honors in 1980.

Before joining the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roggensack was elected to the Court of Appeals in 1996 and re-elected in 2002. Prior to becoming a judge, Chief Justice Roggensack practiced law for 16 years in state and federal courts.

Chief Justice Roggensack is a past commissioner of the Uniform Laws Commission, Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, chairperson of the Wisconsin Judicial Conference, chairperson of the Commission on Children and Families, chairperson of the Supreme Court Finance Committee and a member of the Committee for Public Trust and Confidence in the Courts. She is a member of the American Bar Association, the State Bar of Wisconsin, and the Western District of Wisconsin Bar Association, of which she is a past president.

Chief Justice Roggensack is a member of the International Women's Forum, and a past president of the Wisconsin chapter. She is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin Law School, Marquette University Law School and many state and national organizations.

She also has served on the board of directors and was a past member of the YWCA of Madison, the YMCA of Madison, the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth, and the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

Chief Justice Roggensack is married and has three children. Her current term expires July 31, 2023.

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