Circuit court eFiling

User guides and training

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Creating and managing your eCourts account

Opting in on a case (becoming an electronic party on an existing case) and opting out

eFiling a new case

eFiling on an existing case

Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting

User guides and documentation for court reporters

Additional information


Video tutorials

Registering for an eCourts account (5:40)

Updating your eCourts account (5:25)

Opting in on a case as an attorney (4:19)

Opting in on a case as a pro se litigant (4:57)

eFile a case (7:53)

Service procedures (2:59)

Upload documents on an existing case (6:20)

Document requirements (3:18)

Account recovery (user name/password/PIN) (5:12)

Viewing case information and documents (6:16)

Payment options (8:26)