Using an eCourts account

All attorneys should create an eCourts account for conducting business with the courts. An eCourts account is necessary for continuing legal education electronic reporting, circuit court and appellate court eFiling, and to maintain addresses with the circuit courts.

Creating an account

Creating an account is simple and takes only a few minutes. Users are guided through a series of screens and asked to create a user name and password, provide phone and mailing address information, and answer security questions used for account recovery in the event of a lost password.

Attorneys licensed to practice in Wisconsin should choose 'Wisconsin attorney' as their user type when prompted whereas attorneys admitted pro hac vice should select 'Pro hac vice.'

Please note the eCourts system requires all e-mail addresses to be unique. This means an e-mail address can only be used on a single account.

Designate mailing addresses with circuit courts statewide

eCourts provides a mailing address section where attorneys update and maintain their mailing address(es) with the circuit courts. One address can be added for use with all courts or addresses can be specific to an individual county circuit court.

Attorneys should utilize this feature for all address changes with the circuit courts and should not contact the clerk of circuit court office to make changes. Updates are automatically available in each circuit court and eliminate the need to contact each circuit court individually.

Address information can be updated by following the Update account information link on any eCourts log in screen.