Filing a complaint or grievance

blocks with smiley faces stacked around one block with a frownThe following information and forms are intended for use in filing a complaint or grievance against an attorney, a circuit court commissioner, a judge, or an interpreter. However, please review the relevant code of ethics before you file a complaint:

Complaints against interpreters

Any person may initiate a complaint against an interpreter by filing it with a judge, clerk of court, District Court Administrator (DCA), or the Court Interpreter Program (CIP). All complaints must be in writing, must be signed, and must describe the alleged inappropriate conduct.

For information about filing a complaint against an interpreter, visit the "Complaints against interpreters" page.

Grievances against attorneys

The Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) handles grievances against attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin. For information and instructions on filing a grievance against an attorney, review the "Attorney grievances" pamphlet and visit the "Filing a grievance" page.

For contact information regarding lawyer disciplinary agencies in other states, go to (external link).

Complaints against judges/court commissioners

The Wisconsin Judicial Commission was created to investigate and prosecute allegations of judicial misconduct or disability on the part of Wisconsin judges and court commissioners.

For more information on the Commission and to access the complaint form, visit the Wisconsin Judicial Commission website.

Please note: If the sole basis of your complaint is that you disagree with the outcome of a case, filing a complaint is not the way to proceed. Complaint forms and procedures are not a substitute for an appeal and they will not alter the outcome of a court order or judgment. These forms and procedures are not a substitute for an appeal of a decision issued in a case.