Name change process

name change forms and passportThe Supreme Court of Wisconsin has designated the Board of Bar Examiners as the court agency responsible for processing name changes for members of the State Bar of Wisconsin; whether the change of name is necessary in order to comply with sec. 757.30(4) Wis. Stats, or in the result of a marriage or divorce.

To change your name on all appropriate records and documents of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin and the State Bar of Wisconsin, you must submit a notarized petition for name change form to the Board of Bar Examiners. In processing your petition, the following offices will be notified of the name under which you will practice law:

  1. Clerk of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin (Roll of Attorneys);
  2. Office of Lawyer Regulation (disciplinary records); and
  3. State Bar of Wisconsin (mandatory bar membership records, dues billings and subscriptions).

You may also want to notify appropriate U.S. District Courts, and, if you are a Notary Public in Wisconsin, the Office of the Secretary of the State, of your new name. If you desire to order a new Certificate of Admission to the Wisconsin bar, you may do so by submitting $50 with a completed request form (BBE Form 1197) to the Board. The new certificate will discreetly indicate that it has been reissued. BBE Form 1197 is available from the Board.

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