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Transition to mandatory appellate eFiling

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has approved a transition plan to begin a comprehensive system of electronic filing in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. The Court has also approved a number of amendments to the Rules of Appellate Procedures to incorporate eFiling procedures. Electronic filing will be implemented in the following phases:

  1. The pilot project for voluntary eFiling in the Court of Appeals will conclude on June 30, 2021.
  2. On July 1, 2021, eFiling will become mandatory for attorneys who file in the Court of Appeals.
  3. The Supreme Court has not set a date to begin mandatory eFiling for proceedings in the Supreme Court. The court is continuing its participation in an eFiling pilot project for the purpose of further refining and testing the eFiling system.
  4. Parties in proceedings not selected for inclusion in the Supreme Court pilot project will continue to file on paper until further notice.

View the implementation timeline & transition instructions.

Electronic payment options

The eFiling system provides a means for electronic payment of the filing fee.

Electronic payment is also available for document certification, filing fees, off-site record retrieval, copying fees, and certificates of good standing from the ePayment websites below. The eFiling fee does not apply in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.

Access to electronic documents

Briefs are publicly available via the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Access (WSCCA) website. Other electronically filed documents are viewable only by the attorneys or self-represented parties associated with a particular case.

Contact information

Contact the Clerk of Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Office at (608) 266-1880 or at clerk@wicourts.gov. For technical assistance with the Appellate Court eFiling website, contact the Wisconsin Courts eFiling Support Center at 1 (800) 462-8843 or email and chat with a support analyst here.