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Status of lawyer disciplinary matters - Pending disciplinary complaints

Pursuant to SCR 22.11 PDF, the Director of the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) is authorized to file a disciplinary complaint alleging misconduct against an attorney when cause to proceed has been found by the Preliminary Review Committee.

Disciplinary complaints are charging documents, not adjudicative documents. In each matter listed below, the OLR has the burden to establish the respondent attorney’s commission of professional misconduct by evidence that is clear, satisfactory and convincing.

The following is a list of attorneys and case numbers for all formal disciplinary complaints currently pending with the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Further information can be requested from the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court or OLR's litigation department.

Date filed Name Case number
05/14/19 Kefalos, Nicholas C. 2019AP900-D
03/27/19 Mazza, Theodore F. 2019AP600-D
03/25/19 Perez, Ricardo 2019AP577-D
03/21/19 Petros, Christopher S. 2019AP565-D
03/19/19 Kelbel, Courtney Kathleen 2019AP543-D
01/14/19 Fischer, B. C. 2019AP118-D
12/27/18 Grass, Gary E. 2018AP2460-D
12/20/18 Davis, Stanley Whitmore 2018AP2417-D
12/20/18 Johansen, Jezse J. 2018AP2416-D
12/11/18 Eichhorn-Hicks, Tracy R. 2018AP2347-D
10/01/18 Kovac, Peter J. 2018AP1872-D
09/26/18 Anderson, Scott F. 2018AP1837-D
09/25/18 Ritland, James C. 2018AP1832-D
09/19/18 Moodie, Robert B. 2018AP1781-D
08/16/18 Huitink, Michael D. 2018AP1561-D
07/30/18 Rajek, Michael M. 2018AP1418-D
07/06/18 Harman, Donald J. 2018AP1263-D
06/25/18 Reilly, Richard E. 2018AP1176-D
04/12/18 Menard, Robert C. 2018AP659-D
03/28/18 Boltz, Paul 2018AP590-D
03/22/18 Bant, Beth M. 2018AP540-D
02/06/18 Drach, Jeffery 2018AP237-D
01/17/18 Purcell, Edward J. IV 2018AP102-D
12/27/17 Scholz, Carl Robert 2017AP2530-D
12/14/17 Krill, Michael 2017AP2435-D
09/26/17 White, Cole J. 2017AP1882-D
06/28/17 Vaitys, Thomas D. 2017AP1247-D
06/27/17 Gorokhovsky, Vladimir M. 2017AP1237-D
04/14/17 Constant, Terry L. 2017AP666-D
03/23/17 Hudec, Patrick J. 2017AP523-D
12/29/16 Kovac, Peter J. 2016AP2522-D
12/23/16 Zapf, Robert 2016AP2514-D
11/30/15 Nora, Wendy A. 2015AP2442-D
10/31/14 Wagner, Kathleen A. 2014AP002528-D
07/16/14 Dudas, David G. 2014AP001651-D

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