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Small claims

Small claims court is a special type of civil court where disputes may be resolved more quickly and inexpensively than in other court proceedings. Small claims court is limited to claims of $10,000 or less. However, third-party complaints, personal injury claims, and actions based in tort are limited to claims of $5,000 or less. Claims exceeding the maximum amount allowed must be filed in civil court. Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 799 (external link) governs small claims actions.

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The forms assistant guides you through the process of filing a small claims case in Wisconsin. You will be asked a series of questions in an interview, and your answers will automatically be entered on the appropriate form according to the feedback you provide.

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Types of small claims cases

The three most common types of small claims cases are:

Three less common types of small claims cases are:

Procedures and forms

Guides are available for specific small claims actions and collection actions (all in PDF PDF format):

Guides on how to enforce or collect a small claims judgment (all in PDF PDF format):

Court forms for small claims actions


The Wisconsin State Law Library website provides access to additional resources on small claims actions (external link).

For additional information visit the State Bar of Wisconsin website (external link).