Wisconsin eFiling Update

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Wisconsin eFiling Update

Nov 4, 2016 Vol 1, Issue 1

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Reduced restrictions for documents requiring the signature of a court official. Proposed orders rarely edited by court officials may now be submitted as PDFs. Examples of filings containing such orders include stipulations and orders, motions and orders appointing counsel, motions and orders for dismissal, and bench warrants. With this enhancement, a motion and order may be uploaded as a single PDF rather than two documents of different formats. PDF documents that require a court official signature must include a standard signature block, while proposed orders submitted in Word format should omit the court official signature block.

Improved garnishment eFiling. Garnishments can now be eFiled as a new case or on an existing case. Check out the user guide to learn more about how to eFile garnishments.

Added filing options. Recent updates have increased functionality and flexibility for many users. Child support agencies may now file as the petitioner on paternity and family cases and non-party filers now have the ability to file proposed orders. The list of filing documents has also been broadened to include summons and complaints, petitions, and motions for Extraordinary Writ cases and petitions for UIFSA family cases.

Increased user security and awareness. As a security measure, eFiling sessions will expire after a 4-hour period of inactivity. Users will receive a message when the session expires and will automatically be logged out of the eFiling website.

See what's on the horizon

Streamlined opt-ins and withdrawals. The opt-in process will soon allow attorneys to opt in for multiple parties on a case at the same time and will offer all filers the ability to upload additional documents when opting into a case. The process of withdrawing from a case will also be enhanced. Attorneys who file proposed orders to withdraw as counsel will receive a copy of the withdrawal after it has been signed by the court official. Additionally, filers will be able to upload PDF documents (e.g., Motion to Withdraw) along with proposed orders when withdrawing from a case.

New case types will soon be enabled for eFiling. Several new case types will be enabled for eFiling in 2017, starting with probate cases currently being piloted in Ozaukee County.

Stay tuned for additional information about when these and other updates will be released.

Stay up-to-date on eFiling implementations

Recent mandatory eFiling implementations. Since June 1, the following 19 counties have implemented mandatory eFiling for civil, family, paternity, and small claims cases: Adams, Ashland, Barron, Chippewa, Clark, Columbia, Dodge, Dunn, Florence, Green, Jefferson, Juneau, La Crosse, Ozaukee, Pierce, Rusk, Vernon, Waupaca, and Wood.

Upcoming mandatory eFiling implementations. Oneida and Waukesha are scheduled to implement mandatory eFiling on November 15, followed by Marathon and Racine on December 1. For a comprehensive list of counties planning implementations in the coming months, visit our Participating counties webpage.

Mandatory criminal eFiling. eFiling of criminal cases will be mandatory March 1, 2017 for all counties in which mandatory eFiling has already been implemented. As the remaining counties are implemented throughout 2017, criminal eFiling will become mandatory at the same time. The following 14 counties are participating in voluntary criminal eFiling: Adams, Chippewa, Clark, Columbia, Dodge, Dunn, Florence, Jefferson, Juneau, La Crosse, Ozaukee, Pierce, Vernon, and Waupaca. Until March 1, counties that implement mandatory eFiling may decide when they would like to also offer voluntary criminal eFiling.

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Take advantage of the resources available to help ease the transition from paper to electronic filing. Leverage eFiling user guides and video tutorials, browse our growing FAQs, and check out the technical requirements to stay in the know on what you need to eFile.

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