Wisconsin eFiling Update

Circuit Court eFiling Update – Electronic Exhibits

Feb. 23, 2023 Vol 8, Issue 1

Changes in store for the Circuit Court eFililng website

The exhibit feature on the circuit court electronic filing system has been updated. The updates are listed below:

  1. The “File exhibit” link has been renamed to “Pre-file hearing exhibit”.
  2. When hearing exhibits are pre-filed with the court, other electronic filing parties on the case will no longer have access to the pre-filed exhibit. The filer will be responsible to share the pre-filed exhibit(s) with other parties as needed.
  3. After an exhibit is “offered” in court, it will be available to all electronic parties in the eFiling system.

Additional information

  1. To pre-filing an exhibit, there must be an upcoming court activity for the case. If a court activity does not exist for the case, please contact the Clerk of Circuit Court or Register in Probate in the county where the case is filed.
  2. Pre-filed hearing exhibits are not available to the judge or court commissioner until they are offered in court. If the court official should have immediate access to your filing, use the “File another document” link in the My Cases portal.
  3. To file supporting documents for a motion or other documents, use the “File another document” link in the My Cases portal.

Reach out to us!

For questions on the electronic exhibits feature, please contact Wisconsin eFile Support at 800-462-8843 or via email at eFilesupport@wicourts.gov.

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