Wisconsin eFiling Update

turning over a new leaf

Turning over a new leaf

Sep 25, 2017 Vol 2, Issue 5

The seasons, they are a changin' and as autumn begins to adorn our surroundings with the vibrance of fall, we've been applying the final brush strokes to an update that will "leave" you excited about eFiling. The upcoming release includes several interface enhancements that both streamline processes and increase flexibility. We also have news to share about additions to the mandatory case type line-up and the introduction of more voluntary case types. Read on to learn more about all of this and find out what else is happening in the eFiling universe.

What's on the horizon?

Several eFiling System enhancements will soon be deployed. Updates focus heavily on improving user interface design and expanding filing capabilities. Expect to see changes in the following areas:

Amended garnishments. Users will have the ability to eFile amended garnishments.

Main navigation. An "Opt in" link will be added to the main navigation bar on the eFiling Website for easy access from any page.

Technical help. The website will feature instructional information about preparing documents for eFiling to help prevent and reduce upload errors and complications.

My cases page. The My cases page will display not only open and pending cases, but those on which activity has occurred over the last 60 days.

Case searching. The "Looking for closed cases?" link, currently visible on the My cases page, will be updated to read "Can't find a case?" When searching via the updated link, cases will display regardless of whether they are open or closed. If results are unavailable for a search, a user-friendly message will be displayed to help discern why a case is inaccessible.

Opt ins. During the period between when a filer submits an opt-in request and when the request is approved, the pending opt in will be visible with a status of "Opt in pending" on the My cases page. The error message displayed when a filer attempts to opt in on a case for which an opt in is already in progress, but not yet submitted to the courts will also be updated, instructing users to navigate to the "Ready to file" list to view and complete the opt in.

What's more, when trying to opt in on a case that was traditionally filed, but has not yet been converted for eFiling, a message will display instructing users to contact the clerk of circuit court office to request conversion of the case to electronic filing status.

Satisfactions of judgment. When eFiling a Satisfaction of Judgment, users will be allowed to enter a satisfaction amount of $0 if applicable (e.g., when a Satisfaction of Judgment is filed due to bankruptcy).

Filing agent capabilities. Filing agents will have the ability to opt in for defendant parties on small claims cases.

Addt'l mandatory and voluntary case types coming soon...

On March 1, 2018, probate (PR) and informal probate (IN) will be incorporated into the list of mandatory eFiling case types. Fifty-nine counties currently offer voluntary PR and IN eFiling:

  1. Adams
  2. Ashland
  3. Barron
  4. Bayfield
  5. Buffalo
  6. Burnett
  7. Chippewa
  8. Clark
  9. Columbia
  10. Crawford
  11. Dodge
  12. Door
  13. Douglas
  14. Dunn
  15. Eau Claire
  1. Florence
  2. Fond du Lac
  3. Grant
  4. Green
  5. Green Lake
  6. Iowa
  7. Iron
  8. Jackson
  9. Jefferson
  10. Juneau
  11. Kenosha
  12. Kewaunee
  13. La Crosse
  14. Lafayette
  15. Lincoln
  1. Manitowoc
  2. Marathon
  3. Marinette
  4. Marquette
  5. Oconto
  6. Oneida
  7. Ozaukee
  8. Pierce
  9. Pepin
  10. Polk
  11. Portage
  12. Price
  13. Racine
  14. Rock
  15. Rusk
  1. Sauk
  2. Sawyer
  3. Shawano
  4. Sheboygan
  5. St. Croix
  6. Taylor
  7. Trempealeau
  8. Vernon
  9. Vilas
  10. Walworth
  11. Washburn
  12. Waukesha
  13. Winnebago
  14. Wood

Voluntary eFiling will also be expanded over the next few months to include judgment, lien, guardianship, and mental commitment case types. More information about this will be provided as roll out plans solidify.

What else is new?

You may have noticed the "Tips and Tricks" email we sent out a few weeks ago. We plan to send these out periodically to help keep you in the know about features and functions the eFiling System has to offer. We strive to make your eFiling experience extraordinary by responding to your requests for enhancements and adjustments. However, we understand that rolling with the perpetually changing landscape can be challenging. We hope these brief, bite-sized chunks of information will prove helpful as you navigate the eFiling terrain.

Who's eFiling near you?

Milwaukee County implemented mandatory eFiling on September 1. The remaining three counties, Brown, Monroe, and Burnett will make the leap by mid-October which means that all Wisconsin counties will participate in mandatory eFiling a little over one year following the enactment of the Supreme Court eFiling rule. Implementations are scheduled as follows:

  • Brown—October 2, 2017
  • Monroe—October 2, 2017
  • Burnett—October 16, 2017

The more you know...

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine who to contact when you have an eFiling related question or problem. Should you contact the eFile Support Center or the clerk? If you're having a technical issue while using the website (e.g., you receive an error while trying to upload a document) or if you have a question about a website procedure (e.g., "How do I eFile a proposed order?", "What is the maximum upload file size allowed?", "How do I withdraw from a case?"), contact the eFile Support Center. If you have a question related to a court procedure (e.g., "What form do I file?", "Can you give me access to a sealed document?"), notice an error on a document you have already eFiled, or would like to convert a paper case to an eFiled case, contact the clerk for assistance. We also offer several eFiling tutorial guides and videos on our website that may help answer your questions.

Reach out to us!

Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. If you have questions along the way, call us at 1 (800) 462-8843, chat with us, or email us at eFileSupport@wicourts.gov. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @ CCAP_Wisconsin!

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