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2018 eFiling–A look back

Dec 20, 2018 Vol 3, Issue 7

No matter where or how you celebrate, we would like to wish you the happiest of holidays. It has been a monumental year for eFiling in Wisconsin circuit courts with several significant software releases and case type implementations occurring. Early this spring, guardianship, mental commitment, and judgment and lien case types debuted as voluntary, and by September 1, had rolled to mandatory. On March 1, formal and informal probate cases also became mandatory. By late June, several counties were piloting eFiling of adoption, juvenile adoption, juvenile guardianship, and juvenile mental commitment cases. Soon after, many counties also began offering juvenile CHIPS, juvenile ordinance violation, juvenile delinquency, and termination of parental rights cases along with commitment of an inmate, complex forfeiture, and John Doe cases.

With the additional case types came several improvements and updates to the eFiling environment. Interface changes to enhance searching, sorting, and accessibility were made, additional links to help documentation and support avenues were included, and court debit account, file prep, and template options were modified to provide ease of use and increased maintenance abilities. ePayment advances were also introduced making it possible to pay for a filing after submission when payment issues occur.

Perhaps one of the most prominent updates, court official eSignature enhancements were released on September 1, providing easier document tracking and standardization in placement of court officials' electronic signatures.

We would be remiss in passing up this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you for your participation in circuit court eFiling in 2018. The broad acceptance paired with the feedback many of you have contributed, has helped to shape the system into what it is today. The concept of a fully electronic court system is less an idea and more an achievable reality with your role as leading cast members. We look forward to an exceptional 2019 as we embark on the final leg of mandatory eFiling implementations. Mark your calendars for March 4, when the current voluntary case types become mandatory. Here's to a happy new year!

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