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Release date Docket number Caption District County Select/view
Apr 06, 2016 2015AP002137-CR State v. Lazeric R. Maxey 2 Kenosha PDF 
Sep 29, 2015 2015AP000143 Drexel Commercial Limited Partnership v. Rebecca R. DeMarb 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Feb 25, 2015 2014AP001268 Morgan Drexen, Inc. v. DFI
[Final publication on 2015-04-09]
2 Ozaukee PDF 
Oct 15, 2013 2012AP001682 Angela Terry v. Journal Broadcast Corporation
[Final publication on 2013-12-09]
1 Milwaukee PDF 
May 29, 2013 2012AP001009 Nakeita V. Montgomery v. Labor and Industry Review Commission 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 30, 2013 2012AP001940 Ronald J. Brooten v. Hickok Rehabilitation Services, LLC
[Final publication on 2013-06-10]
3 Barron PDF 
Feb 20, 2013 2011AP002380 Marine Bank v. Silver Oak Homes, LLC 2 Ozaukee PDF 
Nov 28, 2012 2011AP002597 Associated Bank N.A. v. Jack W. Collier 2 Waukesha PDF 
Oct 18, 2011 2010AP002260 Wanda Osowski v. Don Howard 3 Marathon PDF 
Jan 19, 2011 2009AP002381 Angela Terry v. Chad Uebele 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Jul 30, 2009 2007AP002884 Xerox Corporation v. DOR
[Final publication on 2009-09-08]
4 Dane PDF 
Apr 16, 2009 2008AP002125-CR State v. William P. Meixelsperger 4 Sauk PDF 
May 20, 2008 2007AP001964 Michael Wilson v. Robert Tuxen
[Final publication on 2008-07-08]
3 Buffalo PDF 
Nov 28, 2007 2006AP003053 Michael D. DeFever v. City of Waukesha
[Final publication on 2008-01-10]
2 Waukesha PDF 
Oct 19, 2005 2005AP000242 William C. Frazier v. Jeffrey W. Senglaub 2 Waukesha PDF 
Jul 28, 2005 2004AP000276 David Zastrow v. Journal Communications, Inc.
[Final publication on 2005-09-13]
4 Jefferson PDF 
Jun 23, 2005 2004AP001100 Aleksandras Davidovich Glikas v. Theodore C. Becker 4 Green PDF 
Sep 23, 2003 2003AP000014 Mark Capistrant v. Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, Inc.
[Final publication on 2003-11-11]
1 Milwaukee PDF 
Jul 30, 2003 2002AP003418 John J. Droegkamp v. James F. Langdon 2 Waukesha PDF 
Jul 23, 2003 2002AP002621 Ronald Ricco v. Daniel Riva
[Final publication on 2003-09-09]
2 Waukesha PDF 
Jun 19, 2003 2002AP000973 Leo E. Borne v. Gonstead Advanced Techniques, Inc.
[Final publication on 2003-08-14]
4 Dane PDF 
Jun 19, 2003 2001AP002624 Leo E. Borne v. Gonstead Advanced Techniques, Inc.
[Final publication on 2003-08-14]
4 Dane PDF 
Apr 30, 2003 2002AP001171-CR State v. Paul R. Maxey
[Final publication on 2003-06-10]
2 Kenosha PDF 
Feb 13, 2002 2001AP000743 Jill K. Niese v. Skip Barber Racing School, Inc. 2 Sheboygan PDF 
Jun 28, 2001 1998AP003021 Dorothy E. Paulman Executor: Carole D. Paulman v. Jeannine Pemberton
[Final publication on 2001-08-08]
4 Adams PDF 
Dec 05, 2000 2000AP000615 Gordon K. Aaron v. Byron Axel 3 Brown PDF 
Aug 29, 2000 1999AP001338 Jerry Lu Epstein v. John T. Benson
[Final publication on 2000-10-11]
1 Milwaukee PDF 
Apr 25, 2000 2000AP000055 Joseph P. Krause v. Myre Electric, Inc. 3 Lincoln PDF 
Dec 29, 1998 1998AP001216-FT Christine Whiting v. Hartford Casualty Ins. Co. 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Dec 22, 1998 1998AP001373 Linnea Verges v. Pierce County 3 Pierce PDF 
Aug 25, 1998 1998AP000283 Bank of Luxemburg v. Denis E. Wery 3 Brown PDF 
May 14, 1998 1997AP002206 Robert Meixelsperger v. Debbra L. Meixelsperger 4 Sauk PDF 
Jan 08, 1998 1997AP002398-CR State v. Jeffrey G. Meixelsperger 4 Richland PDF 
Dec 10, 1997 1997AP000119 ABKA Limited Partnership v. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 2 Walworth PDF 
Aug 22, 1997 1997AP000270 Warner Jackson v. John T. Benson
[Final publication on 1997-10-08]
4 Dane PDF 
Aug 14, 1997 1996AP002661 Jeff S. Schmeling v. Richard J. Phelps
[Final publication on 1997-10-08]
4 Dane PDF 
Feb 11, 1997 1996AP000415 Cindy Schultz v. Victoria Wellens
[Final publication on 1997-04-01]
1 Milwaukee PDF 
Oct 15, 1996 1996AP000452 James Schuette v. Ronald L. Van De Hey
[Final publication on 1996-11-27]
3 Outagamie PDF 
Sep 30, 1996 1995AP002438 Wisconsin Professional Police Association v. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
[Final publication on 1996-11-05]
4 Dane PDF 
Sep 04, 1996 1995AP002977 Kohler Company v. Ben Wixen
[Final publication on 1996-10-31]
2 Sheboygan PDF 
Apr 11, 1996 1994AP003095 State v. Ralph Axelson 4 Wood PDF 
Feb 20, 1996 1995AP001082 Norman Meka v. City of Milwaukee Annuity and Pension Board and Robert G. Nehls 1 Milwaukee PDF 
Oct 03, 1995 1995AP000734 Irving G. Wenzel v. Washburn County 3 Washburn PDF 
Sep 13, 1995 1994AP001159 Spencer H. Lemenager v. Century Capital Group
[Recommended for Publication]
2 Winnebago PDF 
Jul 20, 1995 1994AP000712 State Engineering Association v. Employe Trust Funds Board
[Recommended for Publication]
4 Dane PDF 
Jul 12, 1995 1994AP002413 Riverwood Park, Inc. v. Central Ready-Mixed Concrete, Inc.
[Recommended for Publication]
2 Waukesha PDF 
Jun 29, 1995 1994AP002756 Richard F. Modica v. Doug Verhulst
[Recommended for Publication]
4 Dane PDF 
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