Supreme Court rules

Pending petitions

Pending petitions are organized into the following four categories. Scroll down or use the links below to jump to each category.

Click on a rule petition number below to view the petition and listen to hearing testimony, if available. The audio for public hearings scheduled for a future date will be available shortly after the hearing concludes. To hear a public hearing as it is happening, use the live audio link below. (Note: Audio for open administrative conferences and hearings may be available on Wisconsin Eye.)

Listen to live audio of Supreme Court Rules petition hearing

Petitions awaiting court action

13-05 Enforcement of Supreme Court Disciplinary Orders

Petitions scheduled for public hearing/open administrative conference


Petitions filed - tentatively scheduled for public hearing


Petitions filed - Not yet scheduled for public hearing

13-15 Petition to Establish Pilot Project and Create Rule Governing Appointment of Counsel in Civil Cases
16-02A Rules of Evidence
16-09 Petition to Amend SCR 40.05
17-01 In re Rule for Recusal
17-02 Amend SCR 33.04 Mandatory Education for Municipal Judges
17-03 Class Actions
17-04 Mandatory State Bar Dues

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