Lawyer regulation

Form and filing tips

Grievance form

  • If you are having difficulty opening the form in Chrome, please try using a different browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) or download the form to your computer and open it with a PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader).
  • The easiest way to move from section to section of the form on-line is to use the TAB key on your keyboard.
  • If there is not sufficient space within the form to fill in all the information you wish to submit, you may complete and print additional sheets with your own word processing program and attach those sheets to the grievance form.
  • The online form is two pages long. If you are completing it online, after filling in the Statement of Facts on page 1, please scroll down and complete page 2.
  • You are encouraged to submit copies of any additional documents with your grievance that will help us to better understand your complaint.
  • Sign and date the form, then mail it to:
    Office of Lawyer Regulation
    P.O. Box 1648
    Madison, WI 53701-1648

    Or email it to:

The Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, located at 110 East Main Street, Suite 215, Madison, will accept hand-delivered written inquiries and grievances.