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Legal assistance–Resources to help find a lawyer

Being involved in a civil case can be intimidating. You may feel there is no one to turn to for information, directions or advice. You may feel you can not afford someone to help. Assistance is available. Legal Service Programs offer information and advice. They may also provide legal representation in some civil legal issues. Many of these programs are available regardless of your income.

You may wonder how a lawyer could help you with your civil case or you have decided you need legal representation, but don't know where to turn. The information resources below can help you. Once you locate a lawyer, these resources can help you prepare for your first consultation and understand what fees you may have to pay.

Legal service programs (State Law Library link)
Organizations which offer legal services to Wisconsin residents involved in civil cases. They provide information, assistance, and legal representation. Many have eligibility requirements based upon income level, type of case, and other criteria such as age or county of residence.

Lawyer referral and information service (external link)
Sponsored by the State Bar of Wisconsin, this service directs people to organizations or agencies that can help. They answer simple legal questions and information requests. They can also refer you to a lawyer by phone or through their website. If you are referred to a lawyer, the first half-hour consultation will be no more than $20.

Hire and work with a lawyer (State Law Library link)
Learn what a lawyer can or cannot do for you. Information on finding a lawyer, preparing for the first consultation, and developing a working relationship. Explanation of lawyer fees and how to keep costs down.

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