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Date Docket number Caption Audio
Oct 20, 2016 2014AP002236 Carolyn Moya v. Healthport Technologies, LLC Playback
Oct 20, 2016 2014AP001870-CR State v. David W. Howes Playback
Oct 18, 2016 2015AP000656-CR State v. Patrick K. Kozel Playback
Oct 18, 2016 2015AP000079 Maya Elaine Smith v. Jeff Anderson Playback
Oct 18, 2016 2014AP001767-CR State v. Brian I. Harris Playback
Oct 13, 2016 2014AP002981-CR State v. Tabitha A. Scruggs Playback
Oct 13, 2016 2014AP002603-CR State v. Glenn T. Zamzow Playback
Sep 09, 2016 2015AP000366-CR State v. Stanley J. Maday, Jr. Playback
Sep 09, 2016 2015AP000146 Wisconsin Carry, Inc. v. City of Madison Playback
Sep 09, 2016 2014AP002947 Regency West Apartments LLC v. City of Racine Playback
Sep 06, 2016 2014AP002536-FT Democratic Party of Wisconsin v. Wisconsin Department of Justice Playback
Sep 06, 2016 2014AP000304-CR State v. Richard L. Weber Playback
Sep 06, 2016 2014AP000195 Braylon Seifert v. Kay M. Balink, M.D. Playback
Apr 07, 2016 2015AP000869 City of Eau Claire v. Melissa M. Booth Playback
Apr 07, 2016 2014AP002488-CR State v. Timothy L. Finley, Jr. Playback
Apr 07, 2016 2014AP000827-CR State v. Rory A. McKellips Playback
Apr 05, 2016 2015AP000157-CR State v. Eric L. Loomis Playback
Apr 05, 2016 2014AP000775 Yasmine Clark v. American Cyanamid Company Playback
Apr 05, 2016 2014AP000157 Dennis D. Dufour v. Progressive Classic Ins. Co. Playback
Mar 16, 2016 2014AP002484 Water Well Solutions Service Group Inc. v. Consolidated Insurance Company Playback
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