Chief Justice Roggensack creates Wisconsin Courts COVID-19 Task Force

Madison, Wisconsin - April 28, 2020

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Drake Roggensack announced today: "In my administrative capacity as the Chief Justice, I have established a State-wide Wisconsin Courts COVID-19 Task Force to recommend a framework of criteria under which Wisconsin courts throughout the state can safely continue court proceedings, including jury trials."

The Wisconsin Courts COVID-19 Task Force will be focused on court proceedings and includes participants from all areas of the state who intersect with Wisconsin courts. In addition to judges from counties large and small, the Task Force will include medical consultants from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison and those who represent clerks of circuit court, county corporation counsel, district attorneys, public defenders, and county sheriffs.

"Our mission is easy to verbalize,–to provide scientifically-based criteria that promote safe interactions in all courts and court proceedings. All points of view will be heard."

"Although, accomplishing our mission may be complex, our service to the people requires concentrated efforts, now. Therefore, we have begun. Our first meeting is April 29." said Chief Justice Roggensack.

It is expected that through use of the framework created by the Task Force, circuit courts in each county will create written plans that particularize framework criteria that are consistent with the facilities and resources of each county in order to promote safe court-related interactions.

Tom Sheehan
Court Information Officer
(608) 261-6640

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