Wisconsin court system highlights educational resources on Law Day

Madison, Wisconsin - May 1, 2021

In recognition of Law Day today, the Wisconsin court system is highlighting a number of free educational resources for students, teachers, parents and anyone else interested in learning more about our courts and the legal system. The resources include lesson plans, videos and other materials on a wide range of legal topics from a number of sources that can be used in the classroom or at home.

"Law Day is an opportunity to formally recognize the vital role the courts play, along with the executive and legislative branches of government, in keeping our system of government functioning properly. We hope these resources will help promote civics education throughout the year," said Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler.

The Wisconsin court system's educational resources webpage provides links to materials, including the recent addition of distance learning resources prepared by the federal court system. This website explore topics such as the Rule of Law, Separation of Powers, Judicial Independence and Legal Skills as Life Skills. Available materials include video presentations, classroom lesson plans and activities that promote civil discourse. Other resources connect with the Wisconsin State Law Library, State Bar of Wisconsin, WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network, National Archives, among other resources.

Each year, the American Bar Association selects a Law Day topic to explore. This year's theme is Advancing the Rule of Law Now.The ABA's Law Day teacher's portal can be found here. Additional resources on the topic are available on the U.S. Courts Law Day website.

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