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Brown will be Court of Appeals' chief judge

Madison, Wisconsin - April 30, 2007

Judge Richard S. Brown

Judge Richard S. Brown

Chief Judge R. Thomas Cane

Chief Judge R. Thomas Cane

Judge Richard S. Brown, an Oconomowoc resident who has served on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals since 1978, has been named chief judge of the state's intermediate appeals court. He will begin his three-year term on August 1.

The Supreme Court selected Brown to succeed Chief Judge R. Thomas Cane, who plans to retire this summer when his term ends. Cane has served as the Court of Appeals' chief judge since 1998.

"Managing a diverse, statewide appellate court is a complex and often very difficult task," said Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson. "Chief Judge Cane's leadership has been characterized by flexibility, a willingness to listen, good humor, and decisiveness. We shall miss Chief Judge Cane, but we know that the Court of Appeals will be very well served by Judge Brown, who in his nearly 30 years on the bench has shown wisdom, creativity, compassion, and an extraordinary work ethic - all the qualities that make a great judge."

In addition to maintaining a caseload, the Court of Appeals' chief judge handles a variety of management duties for the four-district, 16-judge court. Brown will work with court staff on budget matters and personnel issues, and monitor - with the assistance of the presiding judges - the flow of cases to equalize the workload among the districts and ensure prompt decisions.

Brown has been a leader in the Wisconsin courts and in national justice-related initiatives. He is chair of the committee that developed Wisconsin's program for training and certifying court interpreters; he is a member of the Supreme Court Planning and Policy Advisory Committee; and he has taken leadership roles in national organizations including the American Bar Association and the American Judicature Society. He is a frequent speaker at judicial education programs and is a member of the faculty of the National Judicial College.

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