ePayment for Office of Lawyer Regulation fees and costs

Electronic payment to the Office of Lawyer Regulation is available for the following fees and costs:

  • Trust account seminar registration fees. Select "Trust account seminar registration fee" from the options below to pay seminar registration fees. To see a trust account seminar program agenda and register for a seminar, visit the Trust account program page.
  • Assessed costs. Select "Discipline payment" from the options below if you are a lawyer owing disciplinary costs assessed by the Supreme Court.
  • Reinstatement fees. Select "Reinstatement fee" from the options below if you are an attorney seeking to return to active status pursuant to SCR 10.03(3)(b)2., seeking reinstatement from a suspension for nonpayment of dues pursuant to SCR 10.03(6m)(b), seeking readmission after voluntary resignation pursuant to SCR 10.03(7)(b), seeking reinstatement from a suspension for failure to comply with continuing legal education requirements pursuant to SCR 31.11(1m), or seeking reinstatement from revocation or a disciplinary suspension of six months or more pursuant to SCR 22.29.

Fees and costs

Select up to three items for which you wish to pay:

Discipline payment
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Matter number

Payments can be made using MasterCard, Visa, or electronic check with the following non-refundable fees charged by US Bank to process the payment.

  • MasterCard and Visa convenience fee - 1.5%
  • Electronic check flat fee - $1.95

Attorney information

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Once you select the Make Payment button and transition to the US Bank payment website, you will be unable to edit information entered on this page. If you determine that changes are necessary you may return to this page, but will be required to re-enter all payment information.